Student looking through child binoculars.

As the first day of school inches closer, one school is helping their newest young learners feel more at home. 

Charles C. Bell Elementary welcomed kindergarteners to come experience all that the school has to offer. Teachers put together a three day event known as Camp Kindergarten. Families and students had a chance to get to know the staff and campus. Most importantly, kids learned what a typical school day looks like and began building important relationships with their teachers and support staff. 

“Camp Kindergarten helps ease the first day of school jitters,” said kindergarten teacher Meggan Russell. “Kindergarten is special because it’s a child’s first experience with school. I can already tell this kindergarten group is going to be so much fun!”

There’s still time to enroll your child, please visit our enrollment page. The first student day of school for Buncombe County Schools is August 28. 

Student playing with Play-Doh.