School Improvement


Each year our school sets a strategic plan for success with many factors.  This plan is called our School Improvement Plan (SIP).  We invite you to learn more about our strategic plan by logging into where North Carolina Public Schools manage their SIPs. 

Each of you are stakeholders in our school and your engagement and voice are critical to the success of the goals we have set.  As stakeholders, you are welcome to use the guest login below to review our School Improvement Plan.

Guest Login:  GuestS15643
Guest Password:  GuestS15643

Our team is comprised of the following staff members who were voted on by ballot at the 9/14/23 staff meeting:

Laura Podraza-  SIT Chair, Third Grade 

Adrienne Smith - SIT Process Manager, Fourth Grade

Melissa Burton – EC Specialist

Danny Fusco - Principal

Meggan Smith – Kindergarten

Abigail Hembree - First Grade

Becca Letterman - Second Grade

Olga Luchinina - Fifth Grade 

Jayne Houde - Curriculum Specialist

Teneile Picket - Title I Reading Specialist

Amy Brown - Media Coordinator

Amanda Herbert - Counselor/Specialist Representative 

Elinor Bridges - Kinder Assistant

Heather Hill-Pavone - Parent Representative

Lindsay Parker - Parent Representative

Our School Improvement Team (SIT) meets on the first Thursday of each month at 3 pm in the Media Center. The dates for SIT meetings during the 2023-2024 School Year are:











*Meeting participants may attend in person in the Media Center or virtually via Google Meet. 

Please email for the meeting join link.