Bell Teacher and Teacher Assistant of the Year

Last week, we had a celebration to honor our 2022-2023 Teacher and Teacher Assistant of the Year! Miranda Jordan is one of our 4th grade teachers and is just a dynamo! Ms. Jordan has been teaching at Bell since 2016 and team teaches ELA and Science with Ms. Smith who teaches Math and Social Studies. Ms. Jordan says that fourth grade is "a brilliant and explorative age and these students' love of learning brings me an immense amount of joy." Ms. Jordan believes that a happy, healthy body is key to living a fulfilling life and she brings her love of a healthy, active lifestyle to her students - most notably by her role as founder and coach of Bell's own Jump Rope Team. 

Elinor Bridges is our well-deserving Teacher Assistant of the Year! Ms. Bridges is an assistant teacher in Ms. Russell's kindergarten class. She has been at Bell for a number of years now, having started as a one-on-one language facilitator in American Sign Language before transitioning to classroom assistant. Ms. Bridges brings endless reserves of energy and boundless love to her students. She is exceptionally creative and dedicated to meeting the needs of each one of our Bell students. She is enthusiastic and deeply caring and is loved by students and staff alike!

Congratulations to our 2022-2023 Teacher and Teacher Assistant of the year, Ms. Jordan and Ms. Bridges! Bell is a better place because of the great work and energy that you both bring!