Search for and design a habitable planet!

Fact Monster Science Dictionary

Here's a spot  to look up the pesky science term you need!

Love Me Some Science

Fun games on all sorts of sciencey things!

Study Jams!

Get some help or renew your understanding!


Head Rush the game

Head Rush is the ultimate online science trivia tournament game. Physics. Math. Biology. Get your students excited about science!  Every couple of weeks, a new tournament will begin. Some will have themes like math, dinosaurs, insects, or space.


Your Nervous System and YOUR BRAIN!!!!

Cool Neuroscience for Kids... How does your brain work?
What does your nervous system have to do with anything, anyway?

Create a HEALTHY Meal

Try your hand at planning a healthy meal. 
You just might get dessert! 

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Just look at this!

Exploratorium: Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception

This site is sponseored by the museum in San Farancisco, California.
Explore the changing exhibits.

Chain Reaction

From a food container to ...



Do a little reading & research on this site!


American Museum of Natural History

Great site to explore all of the "-ologies"
Check out especially, Einstein on the left side of the home page!

Windows to the Universe

You've gotta see this!


Hubble Telescope

The wonders of the Universe explained for YOU!

Take a Challenge!

See what you can do.

Rocks for Kids

Check out the "idioms" page!



Are you a rockhound? Visit this site to see all of the incredible gems that can be found right here in North Carolina.


Mineral Activities - Mineral Society of America

Get all the "dirt" on the rock cycle!


Bug Guide

This is a good site to use if you need to identify a curious critter over the year! Just click on the guide and have at it!


Owl Pellet Virtual Dissection

You can dissect an owl pellet right on line! Try the barn owl. See if you can find any of the bones you found in your pellet in class from third grade. 



 A fine site for weather.
Check out the Activities in the sidebar!

SPACE WEATHER action center

Look at live feeds of the Sun (without burning your corneas)


Like CSI?

This is straight from the FBI for kids.
Can you figure things out from the clues? 

Electrical Play

Help MI High's Oscar recover his lost camera in this electrical circuits game, but be careful of the Gnome Cams!

Learn to play CHESS

Learn to play and think!


What is GO?

Learn to play the ancient Asian strategy game of GO.


Particle Adventure

What's a quark?
Particle Physics.. 

Learn Watercolor Painting Techniques

This is a great site for my favorite painting techniques.