Lotsa MATH & THINKING Links!

Fraction Flags


Cool Math for Cool Kids

Well, you know what to do.

Sum Sense Subtraction


Ghost Blasters 2 Subtraction


Ghost Blasters 1 Subtraction Practice


Subtraction Bowling


Virtual Manipulatives

Build some fractional representations

Fraction Modeling


Fractions Illustrative Math


Fractions Concentration


Fractions Tutorial

Learn 'em, baby!


Fraction Wall

Boost your abilities with equivalent fractions!

Fraction Math Practice


Fresh Baked Fractions



Play a Fraction Game


Fraction Practice

Practice on!


Fraction Resources


Math Vocabulary British


Math Practice

Nice online practice.



See if you can STOP THE CLOCK!

Multiplication Practice

Don't get RUSTY over the summer! Practice with the Wizard.


Soft Schools Math

Games, tips, concepts and think sheets for paper and pencil practice!

Virtual Math Manipulatives

What a great site to practice working with math manipulatives!


Think Math

Lotsa Web sites; lotsa fun!

Thinking Blocks

Model and solve multiplication and division word problems


Virtual card game

Take a Challenge!

See what you can do.


Great practice page for those 'sticky' math ideas and staying solid during the summertime.

Create a Graph

Very Cool site!

Beautiful Artwork

Designs that fill a page without overlapping and form a pattern! Wow!


Play Ken-Ken

This Asian game of strategy is tougher than it looks!
Give it a go!

Learn to play CHESS

Learn to play and think!


Kids Click Search Engine

Great place to do some research.


Learn Watercolor Painting Techniques

This is a great site for my favorite painting techniques.


Algebra Introduction for Kids

Just for fun!

Algebra Helper