Specialist and Daily Schedule

Daily Specialist Schedule

Monday Art at 9:00am
Tuesday Music at 9:00am. 
P.E. at 9:00 am, wear tennis shoes!!!
Thursday Music or Extra P.E at 9:00am
Friday Library at 9:00am, remember to bring your library book!
Every day at 11:15
Specialists are at 9:00 each morning. We will  have our Guided Reading Block from 10:45 to 11:45 every day. Our math curriculum, Investigations, will always start around 9:45.  Recess is at 12:30. The 90 minute literacy block, Wit and Wisdom is from 1:00-2:30 each day. Every lesson builds on the one from the day before and helps students to work towards answering a unit question.  Feel free to stop by and join in one of our activities.   Please keep our schedule in mind as you schedule doctor appointments.  Being on time in the morning is extremely important since this is when all the "getting ready for our day" activities are taken care of.  My door opens at 7:30am. The earlier your child can come to the room the more time they will have to get ready for the day. Check our daily schedule frequently to see if there have been any schedule changes.