2nd and 5th Grade Collaboration

Vertical Teaming on Social Studies Project
Posted on 12/06/2019
2nd and 5th Grade CollaborationTogether, 2nd and 5th graders worked on replicating clothing (vests) from the early American Indians. During the activity, students had great discussions about how the American Indian tribes survived in the Early American West. Teachers Diane Bridges (2nd) and Tammy Sides (5th) brought their students together in the Media Center after each grade studied the Native American cultures according to their grade level Social Studies Standards. They used illustrations from books for inspiration to develop the designs for the vests. Each group had a unique design that reflected different Native American cultures. The standards addressed are: 
2.H.1 Understand how various sources provide information about the past. 5.H.1.1 Evaluate the relationships between European explorers (French, Spanish and English) and American Indian groups, based on accuracy of historical information.