Welcome to our class!        

Mrs. Patty Lyda Long

           I am very happy to welcome you to Second Grade!
We do all sorts of interesting and fun things while we are learning to read fluently, write intelligently, solve problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, etc. We also work diligently in art, theatre, science, social studies, healthful living, movement, use of computers and how to gain and use information about many different topics.

We are curious. 

We grow minds in fourth grade.

We think!

We learn to draw, speak and write

what we think

and connect our studies

to what we already know.

We are observant,

           active and noisy,

           still and quiet,      

           serious and silly.

We work very hard and play well.

We concentrate!

We are all different.

We share.

We practice at home what we learn in school,

and vice versa.


waning moon

screech owl

   Loupe Looking
   Waning Moon
   Screech Owl
Ambrosia Hour
  Ambrosia Hour
We LOVE Science!