Physical Education

  Drew Marra []


Dear Parent (s)Guardian:

I am looking forward to a great year with your children. We will be learning about personal health issues , prevention and safety, respecting each other, nutrition, substance abuse, fitness, character building, being active outside of school hours, listening and following directions, non-locomotor movements, locomotor movements, dance, games/activities and tumbling.

It is important that your child come to school dressed appropriately and ready to participate in activities. The following are procedures and expecations for students while in the gym.


  1. Wear tennis shoes and either shorts, capris or long pants. Students who do not wear appropriate clothing/shoes must either walk for exercise in a designated are during the class period.
  2. Listen and follow direction.
  3. Cooperate and participate in all activities. A written note needs to be sent to school for students not participating.
  4. Use good sportsmanship and manners.
  5. Enter equipment properly and safely.
  6. Enter and leave the gym in an orderly manner.
  7. No sliding on the gym floor.


  1. 1st offense-warning
  2. 2nd offense- five minutes of alternate physical activity in a designated area.
  3. 3rd offense- alternate physical activity for the remainder of the class period in a designated area. The classroom teacher will be notified of the problem.
  4. Sliding on the gym a major safety issue and will result in alternate physical activity for the entire class.

Special programs

  1. P.E. Student is the Day
  2. REACH Program
  3. Fitness Assessment
  4. Jump Rope for Heart