Library Media Center

Media Center

Felicia Spurling, Media Specialist 
Curriculum Overview
Our School Library Media Center provides access to a variety of resources with thousands of print and digital books for every reading level and interest.  Students can use the Media Center at school or virtually with a computer or iPad and Internet connection. Students visit the Media Center to select books and develop their enjoyment of reading for pleasure. When students visit the Media Center during a scheduled class time, they receive instruction in support of the state standards for information technology along with content support in subject areas. A National Board certified School Library Media Coordinator is available to teach and assist students with selecting the materials they need to best answer their questions and to guide them in selecting the books that best suit their individual reading preferences.

Here are some online resources to explore. Use them for school research activities and for learning on your own. There are articles, fun educational games, online atlases, quizzes and all sorts of engaging content. You will need a password to access outside of school. Please email Mrs. Keener for the password. - The Elementary Zone of NC Wiseowl includes the following online resources. Some of these are subscription databases and require a password. Please email the library staff to receive the password or come by!

Britannica Elementary School

With easy-to-read articles and age-appropriate reference and learning materials the elementary level of Britannica Online is ideal for prekindergarten and older children. The World Atlas,  Countries, and Discover America will take you on a tour of the world. Expand upon the reference offerings with games and other activities.

The Learning Zone

The Learning Zone is an engaging online tool for early-childhood learning, covering letters, words, numbers, sound, time, geography, and more. This activity-centered learning environment, created for prekindergarten through 2nd grade, supports classroom curriculum and helps students build technology skills.

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom, for ages 4-7, allows children to learn about all kinds of animals - from familiar dogs and cats - to animals they may never have heard of. Students may explore by selecting an individual animal, an animal group, or a habitat.

NoveList K-8 Plus – Elementary through Middle School

Tools to encourage reading across the curriculum, including reading lists, book ratings, author profiles, and book talks.