Special Education

Special Education
Natalie Morris, Special Education [natalie.morris@bcsemail.org]
Melissa Fuller, Special Education [melissa.fuller@bcsemail.org]
Cynthia McDaniel, Speech/Language Pathologist [cynthia.mcdaniel@bcsemail.org]
Lori Pearce, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services [lori.pierce@bcsemail.org]
Julia Voss, Physical Therapist, [julie.voss@bcsemail.org]  
Stephanie Hoekstra, School Psychologist, [stephanie.hoekstra@bcsemail.org]
Lauren Ward
 School Social Worker  lauren.ward@bcsemail.org 
The Special Education Department at Bell Elementary consists of two special education teachers, one hearing impaired teacher, one speech/language pathologist and support staff for deaf and hard of hearing students. Additional services are provided by a school psychologist, physical therapist and occupational therapist. Other special education services are provided as determined by a student's individual education plan.